Lot Number Image Title View/Bid
201 EPNS Serving Plate engraved “Central Station Hotels Newcastle”. 10″ diameter. v.g.c. £30.00
202 Cambrian Railways Guards acme Thunderer Whistle, stamped to the side “CAM RLY CO” and “CR” to the lip. In working order. £45.00
203 London North Eastern Railway Loading Gauge or Water Crane, embossed cast brass numberplate “LNER 814″. Repainted face only. 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4”. £40.00
204 Enamel sign “FOR TRAINS TO BACUP” BR(M) FF, this sign hung at the top of the stairs on “Waterfoot Station”. Located on the stubbins to Rochdale Line. A very rare if unique enamel sign, in excellent condition. Superb colour & shine. 29″ x 12″. £440.00
205 LMS Locomotive Hooter in excellent condition, mounted on a mahogany display board. 15 1/2″ in length. £140.00
206 Locomotive Works Number Plate “London & North Eastern Railway 61230 N.B Loco Co 1947”, as carried by Thompson B1 Class 4-6-0 mixed traffic loco. Allocations included Ardsley, Bradford Hammerton Street, Low Moor, Mirfield. Withdrawn from Lowmoor in 1962. Repainted face, clean back. £150.00
207 Carriage Print “British Rail London Midland North London Line” Original frame, glazed. £85.00
208 North Eastern Railway 3 aspect handlamp, brass NER marked lozenge affiixed to body, also stamped “NER” to the reducing cone. Complete with NER fore and aft vessel and burner. All glasses good, copper wire wrapped top handle.. v.g.c. £50.00
209 Locomotive Nameplate “RENDILLE”, as carried by East African Railway Tribal Class 2-8-4 Locomotive numbered 3140, built by Vulcan Foundry 1955, works number 6267. Lightly polished and repainted face, ex loco back, cleaned. 27″ x 6 3/4″. £310.00
210 Locomotive Nameplate “SIR ANDREW COHEN”, as carried by East African Railway Class 60 Beyer Garratt 4-8-2 + 2-8-4, 6022 built by Beyer Peacock, Gorton, Manchester, as works number 7664 in 1954. Named after the former governor. Embossed cast brass. 60″ x 6 1/”. Make An Offer
211 South African Locomotive Cabside Numberplate “South African Railways Suid- Afrikaanse Spoorwee 4101 GMAM”, as carried by GMAM Class Garratt 4-8-2 & 2-8-4, built by North British. Emerging to traffic in 1956. Repainted face, lightly polished back. Embossed cast brass. £380.00
212 Locomotive Worksplate “North British Locomotive Coy Ltd Glasgow 1939 No. 24547 Hyde Park Works”, as carried by loco unknown to us, probably an overseas order. £260.00
213 English Electric Engine Plate 15 1/2″ x 2 1/4″. Embossed cast white brass. v.g.c. £20.00
214 3 x Oil Cans – marked BR(M), BR and K, all sound unrestored condition. No stopper to BR(M). £30.00
215 Cherry Blossom Tinplate Advertising Sign – v.g.c. 17 1/2″ x 28″. £30.00
216 Dolly Signal – Enamel Disc. £20.00
217 Train Describing Number Plate – Steel plate with brackets to rear. Stick on Letters & numbers. 30″ x 11″. £150.00
218 Locomotive Boiler Test Plate as carried by Riddles designed heavy freight loco for the War Department number 7147, later BR numbered 90592, built by Vulcan Foundry Ltd. Emerging to traffic November 1943. Embossed cast brass. 3 1/2″ diameter. £80.00
219 Locomotive Worksplate “North British Locomotive Company Ltd Glasgow 1943 25277”, as carried by Riddles designed 8F heavy freight loco for the War Department numbered 7407, later becoming BR 90283. Allocations included Neath, Newton Heath, Aintree, Springs Branch, Frodingham. Withdrawn in 1965. Embossed white brass, ex loco condition. £200.00
220 Locomotive Worksplate “The Vulcan Foundry Limited Newton – Le – Willows, Lancashire No. 4738, 1936”, as carried by Stanier designed 2-8-0 8F heavy freight loco, delivered to the War Department numbered 70614, later becoming BR48061. Allocations included Birkenhead, Nuneaton, Kettering, Toton, Bescot, Oxley, Stoke, Rose Grove. Withdrawn in September 1967. Embossed cast brass. Repainted face, ex loco back. £510.00
221 Locomotive Worksplate “North British Locomotive Coy Ltd Glasgow Hyde Park Works No. 24788 1942”, as carried by Stanier designed 2-8-0 heavy freight loco Class 8F numbered 48278. Allocations included Willesden, Buxton, Springs Branch, Patricroft, Heaton Mersey, Rose Grove. Withdrawn in 1968. Embossed cast brass, ex loco back. £210.00
222 Locomotive Worksplate “North British Locomotive Coy Ltd Glasgow Hyde Park Works 1936 No. 24302″, as carried by Stanier Class (4) 2-6-4 loco numbered 42546. Allocations included Accrington, Rose Grove, Lostock Hall. Withdrawn April 1967. Engraved cast brass, lightly polished face, ex loco back. 6 1/8” . £320.00
223 Locomotive Worksplate “Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Engineers Ltd No. 1317 1936 Scotswood Works Newcastle on Tyne”, as carried by Stanier Class 5 MT loco, number 45262, considered many to be his finest design. Allocations included Grimesthorpe Burton, Brunswick, Leicester (M) & (GC) Woodford, Derby, Rose Grove, from where she was withdrawn in August 1968. Void of paint. v.g.c. £220.00
224 Signal box telephone, nicely restored. Excellent condition. £40.00
225 Signal Lamp Interior, rusty but sound and complete. Make An Offer
226 BR 3 Aspect Handlamp. Complete in excellent condition, put back into use o a preserved railway maybe. Make An Offer
227 2 x LNER D Wagon plate. Repainted face, ex wagon backs. £35.00
228 Locomotive Worksplate “LMS Built 1920 Derby”. Locos built this year are 30 x Fowler 4s, 0-6-0 Tender Engines. Embossed cast brass. Repainted face. Clean ex loco back. £130.00
229 Totem “EWOOD BRIDGE” BR(M) FF. Opened by the East Lancashire Railway in 1846. Located on the line from Stubins to Rochdale, interesting fact: On the 25th September 1916. A 179 metre long German Zeppelin Air Ship flew over the area attempting to inflict damage to the rail network scoring a direct hit on Ewood Bridge Station, destroying it completely. Very good colour & shine with small repair above second ‘O’. £540.00
230 Totem “BACUP” BR(M) FF, Opened by October 1852 by the East Lancashire Rly. Located on the line from Stubins To Rochdale, closed in December 1966. Superb colour & shine. Excellent condition. £670.00
231 Totem “RAMSBOTTOM” BR(M) FF. Opened September 1846 by the East Lancashire Rly. Located on the line from Bury to Rochdale and Accrington, closed in 1972. Reopened by the new East Lancs Preserved Rly in July 1987. Excellent colour & shine. Superb condition. £510.00
232 Totem “RAWTENSTALL” BR(M) FF. Opened by the East lancashire Railway in 1848. Located on the line from Stubins to Rochdale, closed in December 1966. Reopened by the new East Lancs Preserved Railway 1987 and forms the terminus of this delightful light railway. Superb colour & shine, touched in edge nibble. £500.00
233 Smokebox Numberplate “48451”, as carried by Stanier designed 2-8-0 heavy freight loco class 8F, built Swindon Works. Emerging to traffic in August 1944. Allocations included Gloucester Horton Road, Buxton, Dallam, Aintree, Rose Grove, Carnforth. Withdrawn from Rose Grove in May 1968. Repainted by Rail enthusiasts back in 1968, for p £310.00
234 South African Locomotive Cabside Numberplate “South African Railways Suid Afrikanse Spoorwee E99 1ES”, as carried by Electric Loco Class 1ES, built by Metropolitan Vickers 1936, withdrawn from service in 1990. Ex loco, embossed cast brass. 20 3/4″ x 14 1/4″ approx. £140.00
235 Rhodesian Railway Locomotive Cabside “RR 1500 DE5″, as carried by Diesel Electric Co. Co Loco, built by Arnold in June during the 1950s. Embossed cast aluminium. 19″ x 13”. £260.00
236 South African Locomotive Cabside Numberplate “South African Railways Suid Afrikaanse Spoorwee E 216 3E”, as carried by Electric Co Co Locomotive designed by Metropolitan Vickers built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns, Emerging to traffic in 1947,a total of 28 locos built, all scrapped by 1984 except E201 which has been reserved. This plate has been restored for presentation purposes on removal from loco. Lightly polished. Ex loco back. 20 3/4″ x 14 1/4″ approx. £160.00
237 Great Northern Railway Parapet Lamp, complete with cast iron post embossed “GNR L 23A” and frog. Lantern is in sound condition, no rot or rust. Complete with stand. 44″ in height. £160.00
238 Sugg Lamp, as a kit of parts including glass bowl with two mantles, looks complete, a project. Enamel shade 14″ diameter. Make An Offer
239 Enamel Poster Board Header BR(W), DR size, has seen restoration. Fair colour & shine. Make An Offer
240 Enamel Poster Board Header BR(E), good colour & shine, repairs to fixing holes, of which is common with these signs. £70.00
241 Cast iron Wagon Plate “C.W.84487″, ex wagon condition. 12″ x 6”. £15.00
242 Enamel Gate Notice “Shut & Fasten This Gate Penalty For Failure – Forty Shillings BR(M). Recovered from an owner occupier crossing 30″ x 3”. Quite a rare sign Make An Offer
243 Wagon Owners Plate “Owners John Summers & Sons Hawarden Bridge Steel Works, Shotton, Chester Internal Wagon”. Embossed cast iron. Ex wagon condition. 11 1/4″ x 6 1/2″. Make An Offer
244 Wagon Plate “Cambrian Wagon Works Ltd Builders Cardiff””. Face restored. Make An Offer
245 Shed Plate “9D” Buxton 1935-1963, ex LNWR Depot with an allocation of approx. 55 locos. Code transferred to Newton Heath in 1963-1968, ex L&Y Depot with an allocation of approx. 80 locos. Ex loco back. £90.00
246 Locomotive Worksplate “LMS Rebuilt Derby”, Cleaned only. Embossed cast brass. v.g.c. £100.00
247 Locomotive Worksplate “Built 1944 Horwich” having the LMS erased. Built this year were 47 x Stanier 2-8-0 heavy freight locos class 8F. This plate was removed from number 48366. Allocations included Swansea, Warrington, Bescot, Willesden, Stafford, Bletchley. Withdrawn from Bescot in March 1964. Embossed cast iron. Repainted face. £100.00
248 Cabside Numberplate “National Railways of Zimbabwe 38715″, as carried by Garratt Locomotive 4-6-4 & 4-6-4, built by Beyer Peacock to service in 1949. Embossed cast aluminium. Ex loco condition. 18 3/4″ x 12 2/4”. £120.00
249 Shed Plate “8F” Springs Branch (Wigan) 1958-1973, Ex LNWR Depot with an allocation of approx. 80 locos, mainly freight & mixed traffic locos. Ex loco. £120.00
250 Enamel Sign “Notice Right of Way Act 1932 This Forecourt is Private Property No Public Right of Way. Unknown history. Enamel in pristine condition. 11″ x 5” Make An Offer