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Lot Number Image Title View/Bid
1001 Assorted BR Clothing, including Dayglo Coat, Waist Coat, Boiler Suit etc, also company neck ties, some clothing still in wrappers, not been worn. View/Bid
1002 Large quantity of BR Railtrack Paperwork, Various. View/Bid
1003 Large quantity of Instruction Manuals, all in pristine condition. View/Bid
1004 Quantity of Instruction Manuals etc, all in good order. View/Bid
1005 Quantity of Training Notes etc in ring binder. View/Bid
1006 14 x DVD Modern Traction in the main. View/Bid
1007 Quantity of lapel badges etc View/Bid
1008 Quantity of unit & carriage keys etc, View/Bid
1009 Stop Watch and Thunderer Whistle. View/Bid
1010 Crew Leather Satchel, as new. V.g.c. View/Bid
1011 Miscellaneous Lot, includes coasters (new), marked ABC, Signalling Books, Operating Manuals etc, as picture. View/Bid
1012 Guards Whistle, sunglasses in case, Intercity phone in working order we think. View/Bid
1013 Large quantity of Network Rail Signalling & Track Plans. View/Bid
1014 Reproduction LNWR Bridge Plate “No.10” . Good house number. View/Bid
1015 12 x Pay Checks, including L&NWR & LMS & BR. All in good condition. View/Bid
1016 13 x Pay Checks, including L&NWR, LMS. All in good condition. View/Bid
1017 12 x Railway Badges, NUR, Aslef, BR (LMR), LNER RMT, BR Travel, Convalescent, Traction Engine. V.g.c. View/Bid
1018 12 Railway Badges, NUR, Aslef, LNER, BR (SCR) BR Athletic etc. v.g.c. View/Bid
1019 BR (M) Stoneware Flagon 12″ high x 7″ diameter. No chips or cracks, perfect condition. Cork absent. View/Bid
1020 24 x RCH Junction Diagrams. All in pristine condition. View/Bid
1021 14 x Roche & Skinley scaled drawings for LMS/MR locomotives & rolling stock. View/Bid
1022 LNER Carriage Key, GNR chisel, 2 x unmarked ticket nippers, plus brass key. View/Bid
1023 2 x LMS Hotels 1/2 Pint Beer Bottles, very tiny chip to one lip, otherwise perfect. View/Bid
1024 LMS Hotels EPNS Sugar Shaker, used condition. 6 1/2″ high. By Elkington. View/Bid
1025 LMS EPNS 1/2 Pint Tankard, engraved “Federation of LMS Rifle Club League Division 2 1928-1929”. Very nice, no knocks or dints. View/Bid
1026 LMS Glass Inkwell with stopper, acid etched “LMS” to base, no damage. 2 3/4″ high including stopper, 3 1/4″ diameter. V.g.c. View/Bid
1027 LMS Glass Inkwell, accompanied by Midland Rly Glass Inkwell, both acid etched to base, LMS one is 2 3/4″ high including original stopper, Midland one is 3″ high, 3 1/8″ diameter. None original stopper. V.g.c. View/Bid
1028 Stoneware Ashtray “The Royal Scot Glasgow-London Six Hours 4/5/70″ with high speed double arrows logo, 3” diameter, no damage. View/Bid
1029 6 x pieces of LMS Cutlery including a cake fork, very good used condition. View/Bid
1030 Five pieces of Cutlery, 4 x LMS, 1 x LNWR Sugar Tongs, very good used condition. View/Bid
1031 6 x pieces of LMS Cutlery, including sugar tongs, very good used condition. View/Bid
1032 6 x pieces of LMS cutlery including cake fork. Very good used condition. View/Bid
1033 23 x Collier & Railway Pay Checks View/Bid
1034 10 x Collier Pay Checks View/Bid
1035 LMS EPNS Milk Jug, engraved with LMS cypher. 4 1/2″ high, used condition. View/Bid
1036 2 x Acme Thunderer Whistles, one marked “LMS” to the lip, other “BR(M) to the body. Both in service condition, with peas. View/Bid
1037 “LMS Removal Services” acid etched glass Ashtray, no damage, nice item. Especially if you enjoy a ciggy! View/Bid
1038 2 x LMS marked Carriage Keys also 2 x Ticket Nipper, one marked “BR(M). Used condition. View/Bid
1039 Heavy cast iron & steel “LMS” marked electric light controller, looks complete. 6″ x 6″ body, 15″ long handle assembly. View/Bid
1040 Salt glazed LMS Landmine Inkwell, marked “LMS” to the body. 4 1/2″ diameter. Small chip to base rim. View/Bid
1041 BR(M) Locomotive Headlamp, repainted, no vessel or burner or red shade, Good clear bullseye. View/Bid
1042 LNER marked Station Handbell, with fruit-wood handle. 11″ high, 6″ diameter bell mouth, complete with clapper. View/Bid
1043 Collection of ten enthusiasts note books 1956-66, 1974, 1988-91, together with a very comprehensive “Haulage Book” covering 1975-89 and giving numbers, route description, mileage etc. A superb record. View/Bid
1044 LMS 1938 School of Transport (3 Vols) & MPD Organisation 1946. v.g.c. View/Bid
1045 2 x LMS Wicker Trays, branded “LMS”, could be In and Out Trays. 16″ x 12″ x 4″ deep. No damage. V.g.c. View/Bid
1046 6 x BR (M) Passenger Services Time Tables 1948/49/51/61/63. View/Bid
1047 20 x Argo Recordings LPs & Eps. All in excellent condition. View/Bid
1048 12 x BR LMR Working Timetables. View/Bid
1049 12 x BR LMR Working Timetables. View/Bid
1050 11 x Past and Present Books, Mainly North Wales & North West. V.g.c. View/Bid
1051 15 x Model Buses, 14 x boxed, as new. 1 x unboxed, as new. View/Bid
1052 London & North Western Railway original Transfer On Board, looks like Formica. Crest 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″. V.g.c. View/Bid
1053 3 x Insulator Pots with stems 1 x LMS, 1 x LNER, plus one marked “Buller’s Ltd London”. No damage, other stem does accompany this lot. View/Bid
1054 Cast brass ventilator grill, use unknow to us. Stamped “LNWR” four times. View/Bid
1055 Indian Railway 3 aspect Handlamp, complete with vessel to burner. View/Bid
1056 Reproduction Smokebox Numberplate “46102”, correct size, made in resin. View/Bid
1057 BR Mark 2 Carriage Luggage Rack, made in cast aluminium. In perfect condition. 21″x 16″. View/Bid
1058 Modern Image enamel Platform Sign “1”. Perfect condition. FF. 16″ x 16″. View/Bid
1059 LMS Art Deco Table Cloth and 7 napkins in very good order. View/Bid
1060 5 x LMS Publicity Items, as pictured. All complete. V.g.c. View/Bid
1061 4 x LMS Publications and 2 x LNER Publications, as pictured, all complete. V.g.c. View/Bid
1062 30 x plus wagon labels, LNER, GER Colliery, GSWR, LNW, MR, CLC, NBR, MSC, MGNR, LYR, GNR, LMS. View/Bid
1063 38 x RCH Junction Diagrams 1902-1922. v.g.c. View/Bid
1064 5 x LMS Notices to Train Examiners, Workmen, Shunters etc. 1935-37. Fair condition. View/Bid
1065 2 x LMS Handbills & LNW Agreement & LMS Certificate. Good to vgc. View/Bid
1066 1 x GCR Handbill “Barmouth” “Aberystwyth 1914” v.g.c. View/Bid
1067 6 x Early Liverpool Manchester Prints. V.g.c. View/Bid
1068 1932 Institute of Loco Engineers Certificate with original signature of Sir William A Stanier. View/Bid
1069 50 black & white photographs of BR(M) and LMS locomotives. Various print sizes. View/Bid
1070 50 black & white photographs of mainly Railway Infrastructure in Cheshire, postcard size. View/Bid
1071 50 black & white photographs of infrastructure in Lancashire, postcard size. View/Bid
1072 50 black & white photographs of rolling stock, mainly GNR wagons, print size varies. View/Bid
1073 50 black & white photographs of diesel locomotives, mostly first generation, print size varies. View/Bid
1074 Approx. 700 black & white postcard size photographs from Locomotive Series 47000-52600 LMS Types, all annotated. V.g.c. View/Bid
1075 Approx. 800 black & white postcard size photographs from Locomotive Series 44650-47900, all ann. V.g.c. View/Bid
1076 Approx. 700 black & white postcard size photographs from Locomotive Series 40000-45499, all annotated. V.g.c. View/Bid
1077 Quantity of ABC Spotter Books, mostly marked. In good condition. View/Bid
1078 Selection of booklets as photograph, including “History of the MSJ&A Rly” View/Bid
1079 A copy of “Coloured Views of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway”, by T.T. Bury. In Excellent condition, dust cover has wear. View/Bid
1080 A copy of “Northern Echo Railway Centenary Supplement 1825-1925, reprint 1975. In excellent condition with dust cover in tact. View/Bid
1081 A quantity of LMS Rates & Tax Department 11 Rating Plans, NE Cheshire & Manchester Areas. Very interesting lot, all maps & drawings in good condition. Some quite extensive. View/Bid
1082 Quantity of Locomotive & DMU Instruction Booklets etc, as photograph. View/Bid
1083 7 x HS Train Antimacassars & 2 “BR” Antimacassars in linen. View/Bid
1084 Miscellaneous lot of tickets, prints, button etc. View/Bid
1085 Dolly Disc & Gauge Lamp. View/Bid
1086 BR(W) Carriage Print on hardboard. 16 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. View/Bid
1087 Signal Box Train Register for “Carlton Field” April-May 1969. View/Bid
1088 Signal Box Train Register for “Carlton Field” October-November 1969. View/Bid
1089 Signal Box Train Register for “Carlton Field” January – March 1970. View/Bid
1090 3 x Working Timetables ex “Carlton Field” box. October 1960, May 1969. View/Bid
1091 Miscellaneous Traffolite Labels, ex carriages. View/Bid
1092 Miscellaneous Lot. View/Bid
1093 Group of children’s early railway books, paperback & Hornby Triang Catalogues. View/Bid
1094 27 x Traffolite Signal Lever Leads, All in excellent condition. View/Bid
1095 22 x Great Trains, paperback booklets. Fair condition. View/Bid
1096 Railway Wonders of the World, 3 x binders, plus some loose ones, complete set. 50 in number & Eagle Book of Trains 1963. View/Bid
1097 Wooden Sign “Maintenance Staff Mess Room”. 13″ x 7″ & BR Carriage Mirror with map of system printed. View/Bid
1098 Modelling Tools, used condition, includes, glue gun, & glue sticks, soldering iron, magnifier with head gear and four lenses. View/Bid
1099 2 x Gauge Master Transformers, 1 x model “DS” & Model Q, also Test Master and other device. Very good condition. View/Bid
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